Andrew Hill HS, Class of 2005
CEO and President, Cell Biome Consulting, LLC

Kathy Ngo earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Physical Chemistry, and Minor in Biomedical Research, and a PhD in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA, Dr. Ngo was the recipient of more than 20 science and engineering awards, including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Howard Hughes Research Fellowship, Vice Provost Award, and UCLA UC LEADS Program.

While at UCLA, Dr. Ngo held key leadership positions, including Co-Editor in Chief of the Undergraduate Science Journal and Senior Managing Editor of Chemistry and Biology Division at the Journal of Young Investigators. Dr. Ngo also strongly advocated for the integration of bench research in undergraduate science education.

Together with Dr. Utpal Banerjee, Dr. John Olson, and Dr. Ira Clark, Dr. Ngo served as a long-time mentor with the Undergraduate Consortium of Functional Genomics at UCLA. This program has successfully introduced 300-plus students to undergraduate research, where they served as co-authors in peer-reviewed journals.

In 2011, Dr. Ngo founded the Ngo Consulting Firm, providing strategic consulting on the development of over a dozen pre-clinical drug candidates for viral gene therapies and CRISPR-based gene editing. Currently, she serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Cell Biome Consulting LLC, a consultant firm working at the intersection of molecular biology, cell engineering, gene therapy, and immunology to help pharmaceutical companies bring therapeutic products to market.

Dr. Ngo has co-authored more than 15 peer-reviewed publications and is the holder of multiple patents in biomedical sciences.