Today’s college students struggle with the increasingly mounting costs of housing, tuition, books, transportation, etc. In too many cases, students end up quitting school and reluctantly choosing a job that ironically barely keeps them financially afloat.

A college student’s decision to work full-time rather than stay in school may help them make ends meet in the short run, but by choosing to drop out of school, they will most likely experience catastrophic consequences in their careers and lifetime income. And the impact reverberates for all those who have invested their time and treasure to ensure our students get into college in the first place — not to mention lost opportunities for expanding the future talent pool in Silicon Valley.

The East Side Education Foundation is proud to offer a scholarship program for Spartan East Side Promise students through generous support from the House Family Foundation, Excite Credit Union, Soul Sports Focus, Santa Clara County Supervisor Otto Lee, and individuals like you.

Through the SESP Scholarship Program, we’re able to help students focus more on getting an education and less on affording basic needs.

Meet the 2021 Scholarship Award Winners

Meet the 2020 Scholarship Award Winners

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the 3rd Annual Spartan East Side Promise Scholarships will open in July 2022. If you have any questions about the program, please email [email protected].