Every summer, hundreds of East Side graduates participate in learning modules for everything from scheduling courses to mapping majors, working with advisors, and making peer connections. Prior to the pandemic, SESP students also participated in a full-day program of breakout sessions and campus tours at SJSU. These programs are led by East Side school counselors working with undergraduate admissions staff at SJSU, with support from dozens of current SJSU students and fellow East Side graduates who step up to mentor incoming students.

Over the past three years, the SESP Summer Program has supported more than 700 East Side graduates in their transition to SJSU, and we’re looking forward to graduating the first class of SESP alumni in 2021!

In 2020, faced with the challenge of COVID-19, we were able to pivot and offer the Spartan East Side Promise Summer Program through an online option. We are excited to report that 176 students participated in virtual programs. Students met three times in online groups and received a virtual tour of the SJSU campus to familiarize them with the physical layout. They also received orientation on what to expect from online learning classes.

Pending public health orders in this rapidly evolving environment, we plan to offer the Summer Program virtually again in 2021.

For more information, please contact Spartan East Side Promise Program Lead Amanda Aldama at [email protected] or (408) 924- 2554. And follow @sjsu_sesp on Instagram!